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September 18 – Retro History From The 50s to 80s

September 18, 2010

On September 18, 1965 “Get Smart” starring Don Adams premieres on TV

Retro Events For The Decade 1980

1989 Hurricane Hugo causes extensive damage in Puerto Rico
1988 Burma suspends its constitution
1988 Coup in Haiti
1988 Juli Inkster wins LPGA SAFECO Golf Classic
1987 Detroit Tiger Darrell Evans is 1st 40 year old to hit 30 home runs
1987 U.S. and Russia sign accord to remove mid range missiles
1987 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
1986 David Boon’s 3rd Test cricket century, 122 vs. India at Madras
1985 “Song and Dance” opens at Royale Theater New York City for 474 performances
1984 Joe Kittinger completes 1st solo balloon crossing of Atlantic
1984 Tigers clinch AL East championship (spent all year in 1st place)
1984 Tim Raines is 1st player with 4 consecutive 70-stolen-base seasons
1983 George Meegen completes 2,426d (19K mi) walk across Western Hemisphere
1983 Juli Inkster wins LPGA SAFECO Golf Classic
1983 Lebanese and Syrian army battle
1983 New Orleans Saints 1st OT victory; beating Chicago Bears 34-31
1982 Christian militia begin massacre of 600 Palestinians in Lebanon
1980 “Les Miserables,” opens at Palais des Sports, Paris
1980 Royals Willie Wilson steals AL-record 28 consecutive base
1980 Soyuz 38 carries 2 cosmonauts (1 Cuban) to Salyut 6 space station

Retro Events For The Decade 1970

1979 Bolshoi Ballet dancers Leonid and Valentina Kozlov defect
1979 Steven Lachs, appointed California’s 1st admittedly gay judge
1979 The Who opens New York City concerts at MSG
1977 All 4 Kiss members release solo albums
1977 Brooks Robinson Night in Baltimore
1977 Courageous (U.S.) sweeps Australia (Australia) in 24th America’s Cup
1977 Joanne Carner/Judy Rankin wins LPGA National Team Golf Championship
1977 U.S. Voyager I takes 1st space photograph of Earth and Moon together
1976 Cleveland manager Frank Robinson last game as a player
1976 Dom Mintoff’s Labour Party wins Malta election
1976 Reverend Sun Myung Moon holds “God Bless America” convention
1975 Heiress/bank robber Patricia Campbell Hearst captured by FBI in SF
1974 Hurricane Fifi strikes Honduras with 110 mph winds, 5,000 die
1973 West Germany and East Germany admitted to UN
1972 1st black NL umpire (Art Williams-Los Angeles vs San Diego)
1971 19th Ryder Cup: U.S. beats Europe, 18 -13 at Old Warson CC Mo

Retro Events For The Decade 1960

1969 Tiny Tim and Miss Vicky get engaged
1968 Ray Washburn (Cards) no-hits San Francisco Giants 2-0
1967 Intrepid (U.S.) beats Dame Pattie (Australia) in 21st America’s Cup
1966 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Shirley Englehorn Golf Invitational
1965 “Get Smart” premieres
1965 Mickey Mantle Day at Yankee Stadium: Mantle play his 2,000th game
1964 Greek king Constantine II marries Danish princess Anne-Marie
1964 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya U.S.S.R.
1963 Final game at Polo Grounds, 1,752 see Phillies beat Mets 5-1
1963 U.S.S.R. orders 58.5 million barrels of cereal from Australia
1962 Bob Aspromonte sets NL 3rd baseman record of 57 cons errorless games
1962 Charlie Finley is denied permission to move A’s to Dallas-Ft. Worth
1962 Rwanda, Burundi, Jamaica and Trinidad admitted (105th-108th) to UN
1962 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya U.S.S.R.
1961 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya U.S.S.R.
1960 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Memphis Golf Open

Retro Events For The Decade 1950

1959 Vanguard 3 launched into Earth orbit
1957 “Wagon Train” premieres
1957 Electric train joining in Amsterdam-Brussels
1956 Mickey Mantle is 8th to hit 50 home runs in a seaon
1955 Marilynn Smith wins LPGA Mile High Golf Open
1955 Willie Mays hits record tying 9th home run at Ebbets Field (ties Joe Adcock)
1954 Cleveland Indians clinch AL pennant, beat Tigers (3-2)
1954 KTUL TV channel 8 in Tulsa, OK (ABC) begins broadcasting
1954 WLOS TV channel 13 in G’ville-Spartanburg, South Carolina (ABC) 1st broadcast
1950 Nakagawa Soen, Zen teacher, receives dharma transmission

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